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ECO grand Hotel style wedding Bo Exhibition

Release Date:2013-08-13

August 10, 2013 -11 days, still hosted by the Changzhou Daily marriage wedding expo, the new Olympic stadium in North held as scheduled. As part of this wedding exhibitors hotels, Jiuzhou Huanyu in the booth layout and design, ingenuity, blooming flowers, blue backdrop curtain, bright tablecloths, etc., throughout the booth design simple but not simple, romantic fashion everywhere reveal atmosphere.
Wedding Expo period, the salesmen are warm and welcoming service, detailed patient explanations, to come to understand each Jiuzhou Huanyu Hotel's new people left a deep impression, many couples said that they would come to the hotel and then detailed consultation, and leave their contact details, the new people of the sales staff were very satisfied with the service.
Attend wedding expo hotel staff, during both pay as much as possible, from the stage to the backstage, adhering Jiuzhou customer oriented philosophy, to further enhance the visibility and reputation of the hotel.
                                                                       Text / Ming-huan